It’s Summer Time

I’ve had to get used to many things since living in the south since 2001. For one school for my kids does not go from September to June.

Yesterday, May 22, 2012 was my children’s last day of school. My handsome young man will be going into high school next year; my lil miss will be going into the 3rd grade. Yes, you get brownie points if you tell me at 34 years old I do not look old enough to have a son going into high school.

I remind my children…“I remember what it was like being a kid.” I guess I am a parent when they look at me like I have lost my marbles….just like I did when my mother said those exact same words. Of course my mom was born n 1943 and had been just before she turned 36. Lol when I had my son (almost 15 years ago) I had only been out of high school since June 1996. The 1960’s and the 1990’s were a smidge bit different.

Regardless kids love summer time. Hell adults love summer time. Despite the money situation, despite all the issues going on between the divorce and their dad; they will have a good summer. Sometimes the greatest memories don’t require the best vacations that you didn’t know your parents couldn’t exactly afford.

My fondest memories of summer–hanging out with my two best friends. Ok Ok you got me I am snickering a little bit. There was baseball in my best friends yard. I don’t even think my friends and I played baseball we just had her brother hit the balls, to see how far he could get them into “the Triangle.” The triangle you ask? Oh you only get a triangle if you live where we lived. Essentially it was the little part the construction people forgot about when making a road. Yes where I come from we were guilty of landmark directions. When you said “meet you at the triangle” you knew it was the intersection..out in Chamcook. We were quite pissed years later when they paved our paradise and we couldn’t play there any more. God only remembers what we played in the triangle.

Of course as you get older your summers get more cool; or so we thought; because we were cool. There were Glass Tiger concers; Lee Aaron concerts. Hey don’t mock me. Lee Aaron was Canada’s queen of Heavy Metal.

Summers for me are memories of sleep overs; that sleeping never took place. Going for a little toodle (a drive) that sometimes ended up being 2 hours and God knows where we would end up. The sun stayed out until around 9 close to 10 pm if I recall (Atlantic time). Playing some sort of card game with my best friends family, going on another genealogy adventure with mom.

Summer meant awesome take out. By take out I mean…you sit in your car and eat your food. The windows get fogged up. Many of the “take-outs” back home are seasonal and it’s not full on like donkey kong until the American Memorial Day Weekend. Fries and fried scallops, tuna rolls, lobster rolls. Seafood platters.

Summer’s were going to the lake, summers were freaking awesome as a kid and we didn’t need to be going to some awesome vacation. We had vacation in our own back yard. The ocean, lakes, nature trails and all the fun things to do back home. Just being and hanging out was awesome.

Today when I got home from work. I had 7-9 bikes in my front yard and walked into the house with my children’s friends and the joy and it was an awesome feeling. While they do not realize it now, memories are being made. It doesn’t have to be spectacular or grand to make an awesome memory in your life. I hope one day they realize that. Unfortunately it will be when they are adults. Our parents heard the same thing we hear “mom we’re bored”