Bye Bye Aunt Flo

Ok Ok, I know like many of you want to hear about the women issues of the Aunt Flo. Well as probably much as you are hearing about Aunt Flo….I’m about slap tired of having her over every month. I started calling it my mother in law.  For some reason I was only around the woman when I had my period.

From the time I was 11 or 12 I have had my period. Be gone with you. I started in school(Surprise).  Ahh now I tell single dads and even moms, make sure your daughter has a pad in her back pack. I don’t know what it is about Mother Nature and her giving us our periods at school. As far as I know I was the first to start in my class. Then you get bombarded with questions. What’s it like? “Oh it damn well sucks. I want to rip out my lower stomach of organs I didn’t really know existed until they started bleeding in school.” I would end up missing 1-2 maybe 3 days of school a month due to the bloody blessed curse. Oh and like we like having a note from home to give to our male teacher, “Please excuse my daughter from school she was having troubles with her period.” OMG MOM!!! Now everyone is going to know I have my period. Sweet Lord, Boobs one year, period the next. What the hell?

While I was just starting with the Aunt Flo issue…(laughing) oh good grief mom was on the other end of the spectrum. Me PMSing and her having hot flashes. It was quite comical. What’s even more comical than that that? Co-workers!

My last job the girls and I were all on the same cycle. I want to say all within 2-3 days of one another. One would come into work and give the “Oh if I am missing for a lil bit, I started my period last night.” Then you hear the groans. “Crap that means I am going to be starting either tonight or tomorrow.”

After Jack left…I had to do the whole STD (welcome to that world of a cheater) testing thing and they did my annual exam. I had come to the office for birth control. I mentioned “If I could get rid of my period all together not just 3 months at a time, I’d be happy.” My doctor gave me a brochure. She told me a little bit about it but also said the procedure was only if you don’t want to have kids. I had my second child at 26 and I knew I was done then. I wanted my OB to tie the tubes right then and there. However, she was hesitant where I was young. Despite that feeling for a long time, I decided to hold off on that, and go with the birth control for now. I knew I had said I didn’t want kids but now the marriage is over and what if I meet someone, I am still young enough. I promised myself I would think about it for a little while before doing the procedure. Once you go for it you can’t go back.

Well the birth control pills weren’t working, they were, but after a year, I was still having break through bleeding, which can be normal I know (I want the damn thing gone for 3 months…no surprises). Simple stress can cause this. IUD users may get this as well. Even the procedure I am getting in a week states some women still have break through bleeding. However, I talked to 4 girls at work today before my appointment they swear by it and haven’t seen Aunt Flo since. Apparently it’s just a small percentage that the periods don’t go away.

Today I had my consult for the procedure.  One thing that was bothering me was, I am going to have to go on birth control? It’s rare but if you get pregnant, the pregnancy will happen in your fallopian tube. So as I was about to ask the question and  he said he had another birth control method that would be permanent and would be done at the same time. We went over the risks of all of it. My mind hasn’t changed in 2 years about this and I scheduled the appointment for a week from Friday.  So I will have No more periods….and permanent birth control.

I am truly excited and will keep you ladies updated as to how it goes. Also I have posted the YouTube Videos for the two procedures I am having.