Happy Canada Day and Independence Day:

I love this time of year. For me it brings back a lot of memories.  July 1st (Canada Day) was an awesome time of year. It would be something I looked forward to. It was almost better than Christmas. First the Canada Day parade, then once the parade was over the festivities began. The local Lion’s Club had their fish chowder wagon. OMG and it was the best fish chowder anyone had ever tasted. Other activities included, the dog show, pony rides, the local schools of dance would also be out doing numbers. I am not sure if it is the same as when I was a kid or not

My mom and I would be on the go all day long. Then the dreaded moment…naptime! When I was little I hated nap time; now as an adult I love it. But if I wanted to stay up and watch the fireworks later that night I had to take a nap when I was little. For being a small town we put on quite a firework show.

Then a few days later we would go just a little drive to Eastport, Maine where there would be the Fourth of July celebration. It was a blast. Some years we didn’t even go down to Eastport, we would sometimes watch them from the shore and see the fireworks in the distance.

Then in August there would be another celebration the International Festival.

I miss home. I want to someday take my kids back home during this time of year so they can celebrate with the two countries. After all it is part of their heritage.

Today I have had a wonderful day off with my two children. We haven’t done anything spectacular. What I wanted to do with them (even though it didn’t cost very much) I looked at the bank account and as much as it would have been fun and simple to do it would have left me strapped. I dislike doing that to them. However, we made our own fun.

Now I have the BBQ pulled out and a friend and her kids are coming over. The kids will have fun and my friend and I will be able to catch up.

While you are out celebrating enjoy making memories, even if they are just small.  Most of all do it safely and have a great Fourth of July.