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When I left y’all, I was worried that the gentleman I was going to go see would want more from me than I was willing, or able, to give him.  We talked, at length, and we’re both good with what we have right now.  I’m glad.  He’s a great guy and I never fail to have a good time when I’m with him.  I’m glad we got that settled 🙂

But there was more that I learned this weekend.  I know you are all on the edge of your seat wanting to know what great lesson I learned.  Well, let me share:

Women are crazy.

Yes, I am a woman.  No, I’m  not crazy.  Well, not certifiably, anyway.  Let me explain.

We met up with his cousin on our last night in the City and went to a bar in Long Beach.  His cousin knows the bartender there and he…

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Man Claims Caffeine Drove Him to Grope Women



Just when you thought you’d heard it all, one man claims caffeine drove him to molest women.

Kenneth Sands was convicted July 3 for groping two women and three teenage girls after a volleyball game in Onalaska, Oregon, on Oct. 18, 2011. His sorry attempt at a defense?

Blame it on the caffeine.

Sands, a school bus driver for the Rainier School District, attempted to argue in court that caffeine “caused a psychotic episode,” reported KOMO News. “My son-in-law and daughter have never seen that kind of behavior from myself,” Sands, 51, told the court.

This “behavior” that Sands claims caffeine induced includes grabbing a 46-year-old woman’s breasts several times during the game and later trying to grab her rear end as she tried to get away; grabbing a 15-year-old’s butt outside of a bus after the game, and then slapping a 16-year-old’s butt as she was getting…

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Isn’t it cute when women try to park their cars without their menfolk? The German town of Triberg has generously attempted to help out the ladies by labeling the spaces in a new car park with female and male symbols. The “female” spots are wider with lots of light, whereas the “male” spots are next to concrete pillars and can only be backed in to, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The mayor of the town said it was a natural decision, given that (of course) women find parking trickier than men do. “In the new car park, we found that two places were not rectangular, at an angle to the road and placed between walls and pillars,” Triberg Mayor Gallus Strobel told German newsmagazine Der Spiegel.  “That makes parking difficult, so we decided to allocate them to men.” Instead of, say, to motorcycles or subcompact cars.


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