What would I thank my Mom? The real question is, what wouldn’t I thank her for?

**Disclaimer. The following is a beautiful letter a friend’s daughter wrote. The only thing I have omitted are actual names. I think this young lady has said what many daughters have said or wanted to say to their mothers. I was so touched by the letter when I read I asked the mom if I could post on this blog. 

I would thank my mother for life, for forgiveness, for patience, for kindness, for understanding. I would thank her for passing on her sense of humour, and teaching me sarcasm as a fluent second language.

I would thank her for knowing when to be serious when I need her to be, for still taking care of me when I’m sick or sad, even if I am nearly 25, engaged to be married, and no longer living with her.

I would thank her for passing down her kind heart, her empathy, and her generosity to me. For properly instilling morals and common sense into her children. For holding us close, and protecting us, but also letting us learn from our mistakes when she knew it was the right thing to do..

But more important than anything else, I want to thank my mother for her. Strength. Not only for teaching me to be strong, but for herself being strong.

My mom is, without any ounce of doubt in my mind, the strongest woman on the planet. Between 1997 and 2009, she lost her Sister, Father, Mother and Husband. None of which were due to ‘natural causes’. Each time our family has gone through this, Mom has been the rock for the entire family.

From planning funerals, to taking care of everyone else despite what she herself is feeling. She has always been the person to put herself aside, and focus on the people around her, no matter how bad she was hurting herself. When she had every right in the world to break down, to close herself off, to shut the world out, she never has. And I (and alot of other people) have the utmost respect for her for having the ability to keep herself, and everyone around her on level ground in the most hectic and terrible of situations.

In the future, if I turn out to be even half of the wife and mother she is/was, I would consider myself (and the people around me) to be pretty lucky.

Thank you for considering my mother for the Mothers Day Gift.



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