The Woman Within You

Who is the woman within you? Matter of fact who is the woman within me?

The woman within me is beautiful, courageous, shy, outgoing, outspoken, reserved, compassionate, talkative, quiet, lout, open minded, mind closed, scared, fearless, kind, selfish, selfless, life of the party, party pooper, multi-taking, can only do one thing at a time, strong, weak, you’re worst nightmare, you’re best friend. I am ALL of those and so much more.  Do some of these words describe you?

I will be honest I have not always felt this way.  I have always been happy,  even when depressed, hurt, angry, stressed. I have always known I’m not like others. For a long time that bothered me. Now I embrace it. It’s more fun, entertaining and challenges the mind if you don’t do what everyone else is doing.

It is a wonderful feeling to be who you are. I look at the girl I was at 19 when I got married, to the woman I am now at 34 and going through a divorce for almost two years. One of the things my then/now/still (whatever) husband told me as he walked out the door  “you will never change.”  Guess what, I don’t need to change for someone to keep them in my life; they either accept me for me, or they don’t.  I love me for who I am and who I am not.

Ladies learn to be happy with yourself MIND, BODY and SOUL. Be the woman within you. Most of all be the woman you want to be–not what others want or think you should be.


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